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How to add custom symbols in EVE-NG

Providing you with clear and beautiful blue network symbols for EVE-NG.

Hello guys,

have you always wanted to replace the default symbols in EVE-NG and use your own ? Today I will show you how to do this with little effort and even provide you with clear and beautiful blue network icons.


  • installed and functional version of EVE-NG in your preferred environment
  • running SSH-Server on port 22
  • WinSCP or another SFTP-client

How to add your own symbols in EVE-NG

In the directory /opt/unetlab/html/images/icons are stored all the symbols you can select when adding a device in the lab in EVE-NG. Now you just need to have your own custom symbols in the png-format and in the size 52x52 pixels.
Now just start your preferred SFTP-program, mine is WinSCP, and connect via SSH to the directory and upload your symbols.

Adding provided blue network symbols

Fortunately Affinity made beautiful and clear blue network symbols and The NetworkBerg resized them in a finished png-format ready to use.

Download the network symbols as zip-file from The NetworkBergs Github and upload the zip-file to a random location in your EVE-NG machine via SFTP.

Symbol ZIP-File Upload

Now unzip the file in the EVE-NG machine with the following command via SSH.

    unzip ecceman-affinity-EVE-NG-Symbols-master.zip

Now move all the png-files in the correct directory for the symbols and we are finished !

    cd ecceman-affinity-EVE-NG-Symbols-master
    cd Eccman\ Affinity\ Blue\ Circle\ Symbols/
    mv * /opt/unetlab/html/images/icons 

before vs after

Here you can take a look at an example with the new symbols in comparison to the standard-symbols in EVE-NG.

New Blue Router Symbol

Standard Router Symbol

I hope you have fun with the new symbols and my tutorial was useful : )

Reach out on my social-media accounts when you have any questions.

Thanks for reading,

Author Christopher Vierheller
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